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Working to make the City of Houston sweatshop free.

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National SweatFree Summit 2010

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It’s not too early to register for the  2010 National Sweat Free Summit. Activists from around the world will be traveling to Olympia, Washington for workshops. We will also celebrate the Seattle Sweat Free campaign’s recent win! Check out the ordinance making the City of Seattle sweat free!

One of the featured speakers, Carmen Duran:


Welcome to Sweat Free Houston!

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Sweat Free Houston is a coalition of labor, religious, and other civic organizations that want the City of Houston to pass a “sweat free” ordinance.  The objective of the ordinance is to ensure low-bid garment contracts do not encourage manufacturing in sweatshop conditions, and to level the playing field for public contracts by eliminating sweatshop exploitation as a competitive advantage.

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