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Working to make the City of Houston sweatshop free.

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More Endorsements! Our Coalition is 95 organizations strong!

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We’re a little tardy in posting endorsements for our campaign but now we are catching up. Worklife Institute became the 95th organization to endorse our campaign and even sent a letter to the mayor. Check out their letter:

Also  Houston Council on Occupational Safety & Health (COSH) which is an affiliate of the National Cosh also supports and endorses our campaign. They sent a letter to the Mayor also:


Welcome to Sweat Free Houston!

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Sweat Free Houston is a coalition of labor, religious, and other civic organizations that want the City of Houston to pass a “sweat free” ordinance.¬† The objective of the ordinance is to ensure low-bid garment contracts do not encourage manufacturing in sweatshop conditions, and to level the playing field for public contracts by eliminating sweatshop exploitation as a competitive advantage.

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